World Budget Destinations Ebook

A-Z World Budget Destinations







What is in this ebook?

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  • A list with the 26 cheapest countries – A total of 26 countries listed with are the most affordable places to travel on a budget
  • Destination Images – We have included the most relevant images for each destination
  • Why go – We tell you the reason why you should visit each of these countries
  • The average price per day – Maybe the most useful information of all. You will the average cost per day for each destination traveling on a budget!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Where is the information coming from?

Most of the information comes from our trips. Either we have been on the place, or in case we did not, we have done a thorough research through official websites.

2- Which criteria have you use to select these destinations?

The concept of the ebook is to have one destination per letter. There are 26 letters in the abecedary, thus 26 destinations. The criteria to select each of them have been done according to the cost of traveling each of them, selecting always the cheapest one.

3- How is the average price per day calculated?

The average price per day is calculated taking into account: Accommodation, transportation, food, and entertainment.

Remember these are prices on a budget, which mainly means that the calculations have been done:

  • Sleeping mainly is hostels
  • Eating street food and avoiding fancy restaurants
  • Moving as locals do
  • Reducing unnecessary expenses

4- What Can I expect to find in the book?

All we have mentioned before, and also here you have a sample page (reduced quality)
India sample

5- In which format is the ebook?

You will get the ebook in pdf format and the pictures will be high-quality pictures.


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