Zanzibar island is heaven on earth. We have been lucky enough to travel to many beaches destinations around the world yet, Zanzibar beaches are on the top of the list.

But to make sure you have the best possible experience, you should also know where to stay in Zanzibar. You don’t want to go to a place which is good but maybe it does not feel safe, or which is not in the best location.

To help you find the best hotel where to stay in Zanzibar, we have collected a list with the 9 best options for all budgets.

If you also need more information about Zanzibar, you can read our complete travel guide to Zanzibar.

top 9 hotels in Zanzibar

The 9 Best Places Where To Stay In Zanzibar.

Where to stay in Zanzibar on a budget.

Lost & Found Zanzibar, Stone Town.

lost & found hostel, a good place where to stay in zanzibar

Lost & Found Zanzibar has a good combination of everything. It is really well located, is clean, one of the cheapest options, and feel comfortable and safe.

They have only dorm rooms, that is why is so cheap. But, having said so, the beds have curtains and is pretty new, so it is really a top hostel.

The area also has lovely cafe’s and restaurants around, and the can help you organize any tour you want and transportation.

They have free WiFi and rooms with air conditioning. Popular points of interest nearby include Peace Memorial Museum, The Zanzibar Curio shop and St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Demani Lodge, Paje

demani lodge hostel in Paje

Located in Paje, The Demani Lodge has been one of our favourites hostels ever.

This impressive place offers all the commodities you can possibly need. They have an outdoor pool and a great restaurant. There is also a wonderful garden and a bar.

They can also help you in organizing any tours and activities, including fishing, diving, and windsurfing.

Although the access to the beach is pretty close, this hostel is not located in the main area of Paje. You can get to the main area of Paje by a pleasant 20 minutes walk through the beach, which is one of the largest Zanzibar beaches. Honestly, this should not be a big deal since this place already offers all you need, and once you see it, you will not want to leave!