There are many places in the world with good beaches. But is hard to compare any of them with Zanzibar beaches.

Kilometers of wide white sand and crystal clear waters made of Zanzibar beaches a truly enjoyable spectacle.

Breathtaking views all around with pristine beaches and good food all around the island.

And that is why my friends if you are lucky enough to visit Zanzibar, you will be absolutely fascinated with its beauty.
One of the best Zanzibar beaches (Africa)

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How to get to Zanzibar[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#6fcbc4″ margin=”5″]

Zanzibar is located only 20 min flight from the Tanzanian capital, Daar es Salaam or less than 3 hours by ferry from the ferry terminal. Check your flight from Daar es Salaam to Stone Town, Zanzibar on Skyscanner to find the best deals

Getting to Zanzibar is fairly easy but the dilemma comes once you have to decide which are the best Zanzibar beaches to visit and whether you should stay up North or South East Coast…

To help you out planning your trip, we will show you which are the best Zanzibar beaches so you won’t miss any of these gems. The recommended time to visit the island should be at least 6 or 7 nights, so you can have enough time to enjoy the island. We would advise you to spend at least 2  days on each destination and leave 1 day to explore Stone Town. You can find more in-depth information in our Zanzibar Travel Guide.

[su_box title=”Important Information” box_color=”#57c983″ radius=”2″]Location: Just off east coast of Tanzania.

Recommended time: 6 to 7 nights at least.

Time to visit: Year-round.

What to pack: Light clothes, swimming suit, a hat, sunglasses, snorkel equipment, mosquito repelent[/su_box]

Where are the best Zanzibar Beaches?[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#6fcbc4″ margin=”5″]

Whether you are planning a relaxing getaway, a honeymoon trip, a family holiday or even if you are seeking for some new experiences, Zanzibar beaches are the perfect match for everyone.

Zanzibar is a small and idyllic island paradise, famous for its out-of-this-world pristine white sand, turquoise calm waters and dazzling sunsets. No matter what kind of person you are, this place will steal your heart.


Aerial of Nungwi beach

Situated in the North coast of the Island, this was once a sleeping village yet not anymore.

Nungwi is around 57 km from Stone Town. You can get there by Dala-Dala which is the local transport in Zanzibar, or by Taxi which costs around 45$.

Nungwi is the favorite destination for backpackers and people looking for some calmness and atmosphere.

Nungwi is the main point of shipbuilding so you will spot locals working on them. In the morning you can visit the fish market where locals come together to bid for the catch of the day.

Even though Nungwi keeps some of its old traditions, it has slightly changed over time. As we said before, nowadays Nungwi has two faces. One is the busiest one, where you can find all the accommodations, restaurants, bars and tourists. And the quiet face of Nungwi, where you will find yourself in a bubble of peace and quiet.

Both sides of Nungwi share the most important part, the beautiful long beach, with its stunning white sand and its turquoise ocean which turns purple-ish at sunset.

Where to stay in Nungwi: We stayed at Kajibange, an affordable quiet place, right in front of the beach with good vibes and delicious breakfast. The best thing about this place was that it was located a bit aside from the rest of the resorts in a quieter area.

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Kendwa is considered one of the top zanzibar beaches

Kendwa is only 15 minutes drive from the once sleepy village of Nungwi or 3 km walking distance along the beach.

The beach in Kendwa is one of the best Zanzibar beaches.

Thanks to its location, you will enjoy one of the best sunsets too. You will find most of the resorts and hotels on the beach, as well as the diving centers and other activities yet there is still plenty of space to relax on the beach.

Kendwa is also famous for its Full Moon parties, drawing visitors from all around the world. That is the moment when Kendwa pumps up its music at night and people party on the beach until late.

Apart from this event, Kendwa is still pretty relaxed.

One of the best things to do in Kendwa is renting a kayak. Once you got it, go and find a spot to do some great quality snorkel.

We recommend too, booking a Sunset Cruise to sail through the clear waters of Tanzania to enjoy one of the most magical sunsets you will ever see.

Where to stay in Kendwa: You can stay in the accommodation in front of the beach or you can stay in  Palumbo Kendwa,15 minutes walk from the beach, but they have their own transfer service which was really convenient at night time there was no light.

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In the East Coast of Zanzibar, is Paje. It is approximately an hour drive by taxi from Stone Town or around 2.5 hours taking two dala-dalas.

Paje is a beautiful coastal village with a long strip of white sand, beachfront accommodations, and restaurants.

Due to the great breeze conditions here, is becoming a mecca for water sports.

Things to do in Paje include a wide range of water sports.

A popular option is the Blue Safari. This is a day trip visiting some virgin islands and snorkeling.

You can also book a trip to swim with dolphins. However, we don’t recommend it as it is chasing dolphins in a small local boat and jump into the water when you spot one.

Otherwise, you can always choose to chill out on the beach.

There is also a day trip to Jozani Forest to catch a glimpse of some unique Zanzibar species, the red colobus monkeys.

Where to stay in Paje: You can easily find lots of great accommodations right in front of the beach. However, we chose to stay in Demani Lodge which is two minutes walking from the beach and 10 minutes from the rest of the resorts and restaurants.

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Conclusion.[su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#6fcbc4″ margin=”5″]

Zanzibar is one of those places that makes you feel in a bubble of tranquility and beauty.

Even though things work at its own pace here, which is slow, you will still love it.

Zanzibar will conquer your heart for its mind-blowing beaches, its stunning sunsets, and the good vibes of the people.

You will admire the way people can live their lives through “Hakuna Matata” (no problems). And for sure, you will want to come back to this small piece of paradise.

And lastly, don’t forget your travel insurance!

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