When it comes to the best holiday destinations for couples, not every destination is the correct one.

There should be something unique and special bout them. A touch or romantic but funny, a bit of adventure, and plenty of room for experiences.

That is why we have collected here the 21 perfect holiday destinations for couples.

If you want to see what the best destinations for couples are, keep reading!

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A good weekend getaway for couples should have:

  1. . A romantic scenario
  2. And a touch of adventure.

And that is exactly what you will find in the list with the holiday destinations for couples below.

Because what is more exciting than a day of adventure out there with your partner to end up with a romantic dinner at dusk?

Discover 21 amazing couples travel destinations perfect for a long weekend vacation. Romantic getaways with a nice touch of adventure for the perfect trip experience. #couples #couplestravel #couplestrip #romantic #adventure

The 21 Best Holiday Destinations for Couples.

1. Cadiz, Spain

cadiz city, a top couples holidays destination due to its climate and offer.

Cadiz is one of the most ancient cities in Europe.

It is full of both gastronomic and visual pleasures and can make one of the best holiday destinations for couples.

The reason why Cadiz makes the perfect couples’ holiday destination? It is by the seaside. With soft and pleasant temperatures most of the year and is great for water sports.

It also offers amazing landscapes in the mountain, in the area called Sierra de Cadiz. The perfect place for trekking, rafting, and even canyoning!

It is also such a romantic city and there are amazing villages around which well worth the visit.

If you want the perfect day, spend the day chilling at Playa el Palmar, have a drink in “Cortijo el Cartero”, and go to Vejer de La Frontera for dinner. There is not a better plan!

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2. Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia is a romantic getaway for couples

Slovenia is such an amazing destination for couples.

It is a small country, roads are good and car rental is cheap. On top of it, have plenty of mountain and lakes, which makes it a great place for adventures.

One of the most popular options is Bled Lake and surroundings. Pure nature with many things to do and even a castle to visit! Normally there are not many people, and it is really a magical place and an ideal couple holiday destination.

In addition, Lake Bled, Bled Castle and Vintgar Gorge are the most famous attractions and there are many easy and beautiful trekkings around.

Ljubljana also offers really good restaurants at an amazing price.

So this combo of nature and charming places, makes Slovenia one of the most romantic destinations.

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3. London, England

Tower bridge in london, a city with the great balance of sights and things to do perfect for travel couples

London is the city that has it all for all the public. From pretty neighborhoods to the most interesting museums and attractions.

Together with Paris, normally are the favorite destinations for couples.

Although the accommodation might not be the cheapest from the rest of the list, the truth is that some of the coolest things to do and see in London are FREE! Like walking visiting the emblematic area of Westminster, Southbank, Brick Lane area, and the visit to the many fascinating museums.

You could go to the Zoo, navigate the Thames in a boat, do the Harry Potter Tour, and many more cool things.

Just take a look at Timeout London by the time you plan to come to see what is going on.

Finally, for a really special and romantic time, you should book in advance for a free visit to the impressive Sky Garden.

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4. Singapore

Singapore, one of the funniest couples holidays destinations.

Singapore is like a futurist city. Every building has a purpose, it is really clean and it offers many options.

It is a great getaway for couples. You have stunning architecture,  lots of green areas where to ride a bike, and the stunning area of Marina Barrage! This place won’t leave anybody indifferent.

There are pretty areas to explore and eat like little India. And, although is not a cheap destination, the attractions for couples are almost limitless.

Above all, the one thing you cannot miss is the lights and sound spectacle in Gardens By The Bay. It is the top attraction and incredibly romantic!

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5. Lakeland, Finland

sailing in a boat in lakeland

If you are looking for holiday destinations for couples in pure nature, this might be your favorite option.

Lakeland is such a pretty and quiet place, ideal for nature-seekers and outdoors lovers. Some of the most popular activities include kayaking, riding a bike through some dreamy paths, and trekking routes in a national park. It is so quiet here that sometimes you can do a whole route in a park and you won’t cross with anybody.

If you want a great deal, look for a nice place to stay with a sauna next to a lake for the full experience.

For us, this is one of the most romantic holidays for couples in Europe.

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6. Marrakech, Morocco

marrakech at night

Marrakech might not be the first place that comes to your head when thinking on a trip with your partner. But the truth is, traveling in Morocco is already an adventure itself and can be a very romantic holiday destination.

The different culture, the amazing food, the sense of family they have, etc. It will make you feel curious from the very moment you step in.

Not to mention the number of things to see and do: stunning architecture, camel rides, cooking classes, shows. Although the simple fact of visiting El Fna Square at dusk will keep you pretty entertained!

The local food is truly amazing in Marrakech. It is well worth it trying a good restaurant for a special dinner.

For the real deal, you should spend a night in the Sahara Desert.

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7. Sardinia, Italy

a beautiful place in sardinia

Sardinia is a great place for a weekend getaway, packed with activities and excursions, but also easy to find spots to chill.

You will hardly be bored as it provides an abundance of recreations to make your trip as special, fun, and memorable as you could want. The beaches are with no doubt the main activity and they are really pretty.

Here you could also ride a horse, rent a bike, visit caves and make the most of the outdoors.

Also, you can go to the beach, relax and have some good food. How sounds that plan?

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8. Tyrol, Austria

Austria Tyrol, a great place for couples adventure travels

The Tyrol is is with no doubt one of the prettiest corners of the world.

I cannot think about a better place for adventurous couples:

During winter, the ski offer is incredible in this area.

Off ski season, the Tyrol area is great for fresh air and amazing hikes. Renting a bike to move around your preferred area, is another amazing choice. But that is not all, there are pretty villages, farms, fortress, castles, the famous Alpenzoo and much more

For a special couple time, visit one of the many pretty little villages around. Taking at least one scenic train to move around is a great option to explore the area.

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9. Paris, France

eiffel tower from the river.

There is not a complete list of couples holidays destinations without Paris.

Paris is probably one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world.

What makes Paris great, is the perfect balance of sightseeing and fun. With a couple of days in the city visiting the most emblematic sights and another couple of days in Disneyland Paris, you’ll have the perfect cocktail combination for a magical couple vacation.

A day visit to Disneyland is a must. Probably you will want to stay and live in Disneyland forever, so do we.

Also, a dinner cruise is a beautiful way to see Paris from a different perspective.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Paris is a very romantic holiday destination.

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10. The Algarve, Portugal

aerial from el Algarve, an emerging couples travel destinations

The Algarve is now becoming a well-known destination, but it was not like that not long ago.

The truth is, that is hard to keep such a hidden gem a secret. If laying down in great unspoiled beaches is your holiday idea, this is a top destination.

Is better to explore  The Algarve during the summer months since the options are greater. The beaches are stunning and not nearly as crowded as other places on high season, although that is changing quickly.

There are many little beautiful villages around to explore and the seafood here is not only amazing but cheaper than in most places. Water sports are one of the best things to do in The Algarve

Our personal recommendation is to visit and explore Lagos and Sagres, which are stunning.

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11. Menorca, Spain

a nice beach in menorca, spain

Is amazing how Menorca goes unnoticed because of Majorca. Yes, Majorca is also great, but way more touristic and expensive as well.

Instead, Menorca offers even better beaches in dreamy locations in the Balearic islands. If the budget allows it, renting a boat for a day with a skipper is such an amazing thing to do. Alternatively, there are much cheaper options like exploring beaches around by yourselves, jeep safaris or a bit of snorkeling and paddle board.

But if you do rent a boat for a day, you will live one of the most amazing experiences in your life!

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12. Bergen, Norway

man sitting in trolltunga after a trekking.

Norway offer many great holiday destinations for couples looking for adventures.

It might not be the cheapest destination from the list, but we can assure you that an average hotel and a car is not much expensive compared to any other place.

Is especially good for trekkings and for the Fjords. There is also stunning cruises and the fascinating train to Flam, which is such a magical experience.

The best thing to do is to fly to Bergen, rent a car and book a cool Airbnb somewhere by a Fjord

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13. Crete, Greece