On this post, we are going to show the most instagrammable places in the Faroe Islands and where to find them.

After a full week road trip in Faroe, we have collected our favorites spots on a map where to take the best Faroe Islands photos. This way, you can go straight to the highlights of this fascinating island.

You won’t only see the most famous spots like Gasadalur, but some other hidden gems like scenic roads and amazing little towns in Suduroy.

You don’t wont to miss the most instagrammable places in the Faroe Islands!

Let’s take a look to them now.

Discover The 16 Most Instagrammable Places In The Faroe Islands.

#1. Sørvágsvatn, Vágar.

Sørvágsvatn, one of the most instagrammable places in the faroe islands

Sørvágsvatn lake is probably one of the most instagrammable places in the Faroe Islands.

This amazing lake appears to be floating above the ocean. The fierce ocean hitting against the sharp cliffs, together with the calm water of the lake and the vivid green in the background, makes a beautiful contrast.

How to get there. The lake is accessible via an easy hike which takes about 45 minutes. The entrance is just a few kilometers far from the airport. There is an entrance fee of 200DKK you have to pay at the entrance.

#2. Múlafossur Waterfall, Vágar.

Gasadalur waterfall, the most iconic place in Faroe Islands

Múlafossur Waterfall is another of the most instagrammable places in the Faroe Islands.

This majestic waterfall falling straight to the sea with a small village at the background remains one of the Faroe Islands most iconic sights.

How to get there. The access to Múlafossur waterfall is fairly easy. There is a tunnel you need to cross, and a few kilometers later, you will see a sign and a small path on your left which will take you straight to the waterfalls.

#3. Mykines Lighthouse, Vágar.

  • Mykines lighthouse
  • puffins

Mykines is one of the most popular day trips in the Faroe and the place where we took some of our favorites Faroe Islands photos.

For us, it was one of the highlights of our trips and not only one of the most instagrammable places in the Faroe Islands, but in the world!

People come to this island mainly to see the Puffins. But the whole island and the trekking to the lighthouse offers amazing views during most of the journey. Although you can visit the main village in Mykines for free, if you want to hike to the lighthouse, you’ll need to pay a fee of 100 DKK.

How to get there. The easiest way to get to Mykines is via ferry. You can find the ferry schedules here. You can also get there by helicopter.

#4. Akraberg Lighthouse, Suduroy.

couple in Suduroy island, the hidden gem of Faroe Islands

Suduroy island is one of the most unknown places to visit in the Faroe Islands, yet is full of amazing sights.

Akraberg Lighthouse is the southern point in the Faroe Islands and the views from here are breathtaking.

How to get there. To get to this lighthouse, first, you’ll need to take a ferry from Torshavn to Suduroy, which takes around 2 hours. Is strongly recommended to have a car to explore this island properly and to access to places like this. Simply drive all the way to the south towards Sumba. Once there, you’ll find signs to the lighthouse.

#5. Gjogv, Eysturoy.

Gogjv village, the most instagrammable places in Faroe Islands

Gjogv is probably the most picturesque villages of the Faroe Islands.

Located on the north of Streymoy, this colorful village is well worth the visit. This charming village is one of the most instagrammable places in the Faroe Islands and is also a great place where to spend a couple of days.

How to get there. Gjogv is easily accessible via car. To get to the best viewpoint, take the tiny path up the hill to the left from town when facing the sea.

#6. Saksun, Streymoy.

  • Saksun
  • Saksun

Saksun is also a fairly touristic place and a beautiful destination to visit in the Faroe.

The pretty traditional houses with the grass on the roof together with the stunning location makes this place a must-visit.

How to get there. Saksun is easily accessible via car. Simply follow the signs or use google map to get to this beautiful location. There is parking on site.

#7. Sumba, Suduroy.

aerial of Suduroy

The views of Sumba from up the road towards the lighthouse makes this village another good location to explore.

The beautiful setting of the village by the sea, with the vivid green on the background and the road crossing towards the horizon makes a pretty picture.

How to get there. Sumba is the southern village of Sudoroy island and is easily accessible via car.

#8. Sandvík, Suduroy.

Sandvik, the northern village in Suduroy island

Sandík is located at the north of Suduroy island and is one of the most instagrammable places in the Faroe Islands.

The location of this charming village by the sea with turquoise waters surrounding it make this place absolutely breathtaking.

How to get there. Located at the north of Suduroy island, is easily accessible via car. To get the best panoramic view from this village, we recommend stopping after crossing the tunnel before going all the way down.

#9. Tindhólmur, Vágar.

Tindholmur, one of the most impressive formations in Faroe Islands

Tindhólmur and Dranganir, are two of the most famous formations in the Faroe Islands.

These impressive formations are by the sea. Although they can be seen from Bour and some other places on the road, the easiest way to get close to both is hiking. There is a fee of 550 DKK for this hike and can’t be done without a guide.

How to get there. The starting point is at the Effo gas station in Sørvágur.

#10. Kallur Lighthouse, Kalsoy.

Kallur lighthouse, one of our favorites Faroe Islands photos

Located in island of Kalsoy, Kallur lighthouse offers one of the most stunning views in the islands.

The landscape there is truly impressive: Green, lush and sharp cliffs hundreds of feet above the ocean.

How to get there. To get to the lighthouse you will need first to take a ferry from Klaksvík to Kalsoy island, drive to Trollanes and hike for about 50 minutes to the lighthouse. You can find here useful information about Kalsoy and Kallur Lighthouse.

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#11. Fossá Waterfall, Streymoy.

Girl in front of fossa waterfall

Fossá Waterfall is the tallest waterfall on the Faroe Islands.

It goes cascading 140 meters down to the sea in two stages. The landscape looks like a different planet between the water and the dark color of the rocks.

You can do an easy hike to go to the upper part or access to the lower part directly from the parking outside.

How to get there. Drive towards the town of Tjørnuvík, the waterfall is located by the side of the road about 5 kilometers before reaching the town. There is a small parking just there.

#12. Sørvágur, Vágar.

Sorvagur village at sunset

Sørvágur lies next to the airport in Vágar.

Although the village itself is not the most captivating from all the ones in Faroe, there are many amazing spots along the road where to take a beautiful snap.

From here you can also take the boats to Drangarnir and Mykines.

How to get there. Sørvágur is easily accesible by car. For the best view of the village, drive towards Gasadalur and find a good spot where to fit the whole village with the beach.

#13. Tinganes, Streymoy.

Couple in Tinganes

Tinganes is the historical area of Torshavn.

Dividing two harbors with colorful grass-roofed houses, this is one of the most instagrammable places in the Faroe Islands.

How to get there. Tinganes is located by Torshvan city center. There is plenty of parking space around.

#14. Funningur, Eysturoy.

Couple in front of Funningur

In an idyllic location on the northwest coast of Eysturoy, you can find the beautiful village of Funningur.

The road around and above the village offers a great opportunity for the perfect Instagram shot.

How to get there. Funningur is easily accesible by car direction to Gjógv.

#15. Elduvik, Eysturoy.

Wild sea in Elduvik

The quiet village of Elduvík is split into two parts by a small river.

Although is easy to visit due to its small size, a stroll through the pretty yards and paths nearby is quite enjoyable.

How to get there. The easiest way to get there is by car. Drive all the way up to Eysturoy’s northeast side.

#16. Roads

  • roads in Faroe
  • Road in Suduroy
  • Road in Streymoy

There are many scenic and beautiful roads all around the Faroe Islands.

That’s why is important to allow some time to explore the island without rushing. So you can stop whenever you find something cool on your way. And believe us, this is going to happen very often!

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The Most Instagrammable Places in Faroe Islands- Bonus Tip

couple kissing on a beautiful landscape

As you have seen on the post, there are plenty of instagrammable spots in the Faroe Islands.

A piece of advice, take it easy. We rather visit fewer places but allow more quality time to see something properly.

Be curious and stop wherever you feel you want to (as long as is not in the middle of the road!)

Also, if you want to take your Instagram pictures to the next level, check these powerful tips to improve your travel photography. Easy, quick and actionable tips which help you to take amazing shots!


No matter where you go in the Faroe there will always be something cool!

Keep your eyes wide open for the many stunning sights around, and go explore this fantastic island!

For more information about hikes, ferries and more, visit the official website Visit Faroe Islands.

Let us know in the comments below which place is your favorite from this list!

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