Finding the best place where to stay in Spain is not an easy task, that is why we have selected the 10 most unique hotels in Spain.

This helpful list will show the most unique hotels in Spain where you will enjoy the most unforgettable experience.

If you want to find out what it feels like to stay in a remote island with the best views, in a toy hotel, or in a vineyard hotel, don’t stop reading!

Enjoy the most unique hotels where to stay in Spain
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List Of Most Unique Hotels in Spain

VIVOOD Landscape Hotel, Alicante

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Vivood Hotel is more than just a hotel. It is an exquisite retreat for everyone who is looking for disconnecting from the everyday routine and reconnect with nature. This stress-free luxury hotel will make you focus just on your wellbeing and relaxation to feel renewed.

Here you will enjoy your stay surrounded by nature and stargazing at night, immersed inthe most comfortable luxury amenities.

VIVOOD Landscape Hotel is designed for those who are looking to relax, retreat and reconnect with nature.

Marques de Riscal Hotel, Álava

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Imagine staying in a contemporary designed hotel surrounded all by vineyards in a medieval village?

You can do it at Marques de Riscal Hotel, a luxury collection hotel. Here you can live a high-level wine experience in luxury accommodation as you have never experienced before.

Apart from its unique design, this hotel combines the perfect wine experience with local gastronomy. In Marques de Riscal Hotel you will indulge yourself with the most distinguished crockery created by the Michelin-starred chef Francis Paniego.

To finalize such a special stay, you can upgrade your experience with a vinotherapy spa treatment and learn everything about the process of wine production.

Hotel Zielo las Beatas, Ciudad Real

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El Zielo de las Beatas Hotel offers the unique opportunity to sleep while stargazing all night, but how is so?

This hotel features fully equipped bubble rooms, where you can get a 280º view of the natural surrounding from bed.

The aim of this hotel is, that you disconnect from the stress of your life and get immersed in the quiet nature surrounding you. To add some extras to this retreat, you can also enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars or a jacuzzi-spa session in one of the bubbles watching the stars.

If you are looking for something different, this hotel will not leave you indifferent.

Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza

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Have you ever wondered how a celebrity feels on holidays?

That is exactly how you would feel, staying at Hacienda Na Xamena. This five-star luxury hotel provides you with the serenity of a heavenly stay at the purest environment of Ibiza. Apart from pampering yourself with a luxury fine dining experience, you can also treat yourself with a spa session.

What makes this place special apart from its amenities is the breathtaking views of the turquoise sea and the cliffs.

In Hacienda Na Xamena nothing is missing to make people live the purest retreat of their lives.

Hotel del Juguete (Toy Hotel), Alicante

Have you ever wondered what it feels like staying at a hotel that seems to have been designed by children?

Hotel del Juguete features all the elements and fun for children and adults to spend an unforgettable and playful stay.

Here each room has been decorated according to toy characters, it can either be the Lego room, Playmobil room, Nancy Room… etc! And each room features toys for children to spend hours playing.

The amenities are tailored for children’s needs, there is a play area, a restaurant with toy decor and activities to entertain the kids.

This is one of the best family hotels in Spain!

Cap Rocat, Mallorca

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Are you willing to stay in an ancient fortress in a secluded island of the Bay of Palma with all the luxury?

I cannot imagine anyone saying “no”, especially if the hotel offers you the most elegant and indulging pleasure for your senses.

Staying at Cap Rocat means connecting with nature and your inner self, enjoying the sea breeze, delighting yourself with mesmerizing views… all in the most luxurious and elegant amenities.

To complement your stay, Cap Rocat offers you different unforgettable experiences: wellness treatments, boat trips, and much more.

If you can picture yourself watching a postcard sunset from an infinity pool while indulging your senses, Cap Rocat is your place.

Semaforo Hotel, Finisterre

Have you ever thought of staying at the most famous lighthouse in the world?

If so, your opportunity takes place at O Semaforo Hotel, located in Finisterre, also known as the End of the World.

This boutique hotel features five unique elegant yet comfortable rooms. Each of them has a different decoration to make them unique. A stay here means relax, comfort, peace and a new world of fresh flavors to discover.

At O Semaforo you will delight yourself with the taste of the traditional gastronomy at its restaurant. All the dishes are based on fresh products from Galicia.

A stay in O Semaforo is the perfect place where to stay in Spain for those who love unique spaces and the sea.

Glamping at El Otro Mundo, Albacete

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One of the best places where to stay in Spain if you would like to have a complete reconnetion with nature and yourself is here, at El Otro Mundo glamping.

This accommodation is located in a natural secluded environment, surrounded by Spanish mountains. The accommodation here consists of stylishly retro-rustic decorated domes situated on private plots to preserve your privacy.

The amenities here include a natural pond where you can relax and cool down with the water coming from the mountains.

They also offer many different outdoor activities and delicious vegan food. If you are traveling with children, they will have a blast playing on the porch with the toys provided and the play area where they will not get bored at all.

Staying at El Otro Mundo is a perfect way of escaping from the hectic city life and experience the natural life surrounded by nature.

Puebloastur, Asturias

Puebloastur is the perfect place for those who are looking for nature in a more than exquisite environment.

This exceptional hotel is located in a small village with breathtaking views of the Natural Park Picos de Europa. This hotel aims to provide a perfect experience combining nature and local life in the village. This can be reflected in its fully equipped rooms, stylishly decorated with stunning views of the snow capped mountains.

In Puebloastur you can also pamper yourself with a renewing spa treatment and exquisite massages.