Have you ever dreamed of spending a night in one of the most specials settings in the world, the Moroccan desert?

Being surrounded by kilometers of sand where dunes resemble the waves in the majestic ocean, where the night sky displays its most beautiful shooting stars show, where sunsets provide you with the most beautiful image of the desert…

Well, we did. I’ve always dreamed of spending a night in the Moroccan desert, imagining how special it would be and finally, it came true.

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Our Magic Experience in the Moroccan Dessert

After driving for hours through Morocco we finally arrived at our destination Merzouga. A nearby village where we were going to be picked up and then taken to our desert camp.

When we arrived, a very gentle man brought us our transport… guess what it was: Two gorgeous camels that will take us through the desert like authentic Berbers.

After an hour of bumpy camel ride enjoying the stunning views and the tranquility of the desert, we arrived at one of the highest dunes of the Moroccan desert from which we can glare at the magnificence of the Sahara desert.

It was time to watch the sunset. As the sun was falling you could admire how the palate of colors was changing, going from vibrant oranges into more purples, and pinks creating the perfect combination of a pastel sky and the orange sand… What an idyllic moment in the Moroccan desert!

sunset at the desert
moroccan desert camp

After such a special moment, we headed to our camp, the Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp. We were magnified when we arrived, as it was so luxurious, and gorgeous with beautiful decoration and lots of details.

They welcomed us with a Moroccan mint tea as we met the other travelers and Hassan, one of the most helpful and kind people we have met in Morocco.

Our Luxury Tent in Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp

moroccan desert camp

Time to reveal the inside of our tent…! A spacious, luxury and beautifully decorated tent was waiting for us.

Our tent had a huge bed with lots of comfy pillows and a duvet, Moroccan handcrafted decoration and carpets on the floor to make it even cozier.

It also featured a fully equipped toilet with hot water, fresh towels, and toiletries…

They also offered us some traditional warm clothes and babuchas to dress up warm and comfortable for the night. This was a lovely detail! As you might have heard of the low temperatures in the Moroccan desert at night.

This luxury tent had all the features to become the perfect place to spend an unforgettable night in the Moroccan desert.

moroccan desert camp

What would you expect to have for dinner in the desert? Probably, you wouldn’t expect the delicious meal that we had, which included traditional Moroccan dishes like, tajin, harira, pasta, bread…

Everything was extraordinarily tasteful and perfectly cooked, and the quantity was really good too. As they said, “full stomachs mean happy hearts”. So we have to say that our hearts were thrilled at that point… But it wasn’t all, we still had the next experience coming.

  • sahara majestic luxury camp
  • sahara majestic luxury camp at night

When we finished dinner, we then headed out to a different space and gathered around the fire pit under the sky full of stars. There was a group of Berbers playing music and we ended up getting involved dancing and playing the instruments. We had so much fun!
We ended up stargazing the wonderful sky, without light pollution. We could also see the milky way, shooting stars and get some stunning photographs of the sky until we drifted away to bed.

moroccan desert camp

The next morning, after having a restful sleep,  we woke up extra early cause we didn’t want to miss out on the desert sunrise.

Believe me, even though it was pretty cold outside, seeing how the sun rises lighting up the dunes was like magic… We spent a long time taking pictures and running around the cold sand like kids… We really had so much fun!

Now we were only missing one thing… Coffee, please!

moroccan desert camp

What a complete and delicious breakfast we had…! There was an extended variety of buffet… from Moroccan to Mediterranean breakfast…

I obviously ended up having a bit of everything because I wanted to taste absolutely everything and I was so delighted with everything I had. I don’t think I have ever had a better breakfast than that one in my life… it was mind-blowing.

After we had full bellies and, consequently happy hearts, we took a ride in a 4×4 through the desert… Guys… That was like an action movie! We rode up and down the tallest dunes, staring at the beautiful desert views… stopping to take pictures in the most spectacular formations. It looked like we had the all desert for our own.

It was really sad to say goodbye to the Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp and our Hassan, who was with us at all times making this experience completely unforgettable but we know one thing for sure, we will be back! Cause Dreams can come true in the Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp.

Tips to pack for the desert.

I wish I had found some accurate information about what to pack for a night in the desert, so I wouldn’t have taken so much unnecessary staff.

The first thing you need to know is that desert hosts extreme temperatures, which means it gets very hot in the morning and temperatures plumber at night, with a minimum of 1 degree when we were there compared with the 30 degrees in the morning. For this, you have to be prepared with breathable clothes for the morning and a coat in the evening.

Also, you need to take into account the culture factor, so make sure you dress accordingly, with not too short bottoms and not so revealing tops. This is also good because if you don’t cover yourself you will get burned by the sun. So just bear those things in mind.

Another essential item you should pack with you is, a scarf to wrap around your head and protect from the sun. It is Berber style but if they do it, it is for a reason. You might want to get some sunscreen and sunglasses too.

Things you need for a night in the desert

  • Warm clothes
  • Breathable clothes
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable shoes
For more packing tips, check our post How To Make The Perfect Backpacking List

In Conclusion

I feel incredibly lucky for having one of the most unique experiences in my life and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone. Also, I know that a big part of it, was thanks to Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp who goes above and beyond to make people live a dream in the desert.

If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, I couldn’t recommend it more.

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