Easy Outdoor Experiences You Can Do Anywhere

The solution for people with busy lives or with limited time, who want to live cheap, short and, simple but exciting experiences.

From exciting local experiences around the corner to unique experiences around the world.

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road trip in Faroe

Outdoor Experiences

The Concept

* Most of the outdoor experiences here can be done in a sustainable way

+Experience ideas

local microadventures

20+ ideas so you can live an amazing experience wherever you live.

Inspiration at a glance.

Adventure at a glance

Find the details of each experience at a glance.

Practical information.

Find how to do it

Find some stories, photographies and how to perform each experience.

The adventure of your life might be around the corner

Discover amazing adventure ideas from around the world

The Most Practical Ebook To Live Local Experiences

We’ll make sure you make the most of your time and live amazing experiences as soon as you leave the front door.

Even more powerful than domestic travels

In these times where international travel is not safer these outdoor experiences are not only safer, but also much cheaper and a creative way to live amazing adventures.

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road trip in Faroe