Do you worry about sustainability and wonder which eco friendly travel products are good for the planet?

Wonder no more, here we have listed our favourite eco friendly travel products in the world, so we can all be more sustainable when traveling and benefit from the impact these products have.

If you want to know which ones are the most eco friendly for traveling, keep reading.

Which are the best eco-friendly travel products you should have?

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organic basic eco friendly product

This is one of my favourite brands ever and I cannot wear other tees and underwear anymore because of the quality of their products and how comfortable they are. Apart from the quality what I also love is that Organic Basics takes sustainability seriously. That is why, they only use sustainable practices in the production of its products, starting from working with factories that reduce environmental impact, and using biodegradable, renewable, natural, and recycled textiles.

Another amazing thing about Organic Basic is, that they use materials that prevent odor and kill bacteria, so you also reduce the times you have to wash your clothes. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Especially when traveling, this is a really cool improvement.

If you want to get 10% off your next Organic Basics products don’t forget to use the code “NOMADSOBC”

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Holzkern Watches eco friendly product

These watches are trully pieces of art. They are made of premium natural materials such as wood and stone with high quality techniques which make each of them unique. What we love about these watches, is not only how stylish they are and the high quality of them but also, the mission this company pursues. Giving more than they take, they donate a percentage of each purchase to reforestation projects or to the employment of people with disabilities.

If you want to own your unique eco friendly watch, you can get 13% off by using the promotion code: nomads13 . Hurry up, don’t miss your chance!

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water bottle with filter

This is probably one of the most important eco-friendly travel products.

Imagine how many plastic water bottles you buy when traveling, and then imagine all that plastic rubish produced by the number of travelers in the world. Isn’t it so crazy? That is why the best practice to be sustainable and also, save money, is to always carry your reusable water bottle.

You will be able to refill it from tap water in almost every establishment and water fountains. What is fantastic about this water bottle is that it filters the water through so you can drink water from anywhere in the world, even where tap water is not safe and you’ll be fine.

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eco friendly travel backpack

These absolutely amazing backpacks have been eco-friendly certified and Peak Desing takes very seriously sustainable production, starting from using recycling materials, to ethical production. They also donate 1% every time you purchase to sustainable.

If you are looking for eco-friendly travel bags, this is the best one for us.

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eco friendly travel products

One of the best ways to reduce waste and save money is buy using these amazing makeup removers instead of the disposable ones. I cannot imagine how much waste I have produced and how much money I spent before I get to know this. Now all I have to do is use it and then wash them.

For me, this is a great eco-friendly travel product.

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eco friendly bamboo toothbrush

Say bye to plastic toothbrushes and say hi to these fantastic BPA free bamboo toothbrushes. Leave all those plastic toothbrushes behind and welcome the new era of biodegradable toothbrushes, to help the planet.

One set of four can last for a year, which makes a good saving too!

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bamboo straw

In recent years- single-use plastic products have been banned by big hotel chains and restaurants. That is why, if you like to drink from a straw, these bamboo straws are a fantastic sustainable way of doing it.

You can carry them with you in your bag, as they do not take any space.

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eco friendly travel product washbag

We love this product! This washbag allows you not only to save water but also to easily wash your clothes while traveling. We all have suffered the inconvenience of washing your clothes in the sink, where sometimes you couldn’t keep it full, or properly scrub.

Well, with this washbag is easier than ever, and you will enjoy the comfort of doing it anywhere. This is probably one of the best eco- friendly travel products

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ecofriendly shampoo

Something I cannot travel without now is this product! Not only is it eco-friendly but also, I don’t have to worry anymore about shampoo explosions in my luggage. This solid shampoo can be kept in a lush tin, and it lasts a lot. One of my favorite products for traveling

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solar charge eco friendly when traveling

Solar chargers are a fantastic alternative that not only helps to save the planet but also, it can save you when there is nowhere to plug your charger in. The way it works is by using solar energy to power devices. We recommend it when traveling as you will not be dependent on a wall charger.

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