In this post you will find out which are the essential travel items you should include in your packing list to make sure you don’t miss anything once you’re on the go.

After traveling for a long long time, we have tested lots of travel items, some of them have worked out pretty well for us, but others are completely dispensable. We only take the essential items as we travel with a 45L backpack and space is limited.

Here, we have included the essential travel items we always take with us, being the ones we have used and therefore the ones we recommend.

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packing travel items

Carry On Travel Items

earplugs essential travel items

Ear plugs are at the top of our essential travel items list. We have used them mostly in every hotel and hostel we have stayed in during our traveling time. You would be surprised by how noisy your neighbours can get and also, the noise coming from outside. The best way to have a good rest without being disturbed.

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packing cubes

Packing cubes have become a essential travel item for us after using them for the first time. You can keep your clothes organised as well as save lots of space with them. A fantastic solution to organise your luggage.

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traveling pillow travel item

Long flights can become a nightmare when you cannot have a nap on your seat. The best way to have a good rest without hurting your neck is getting your travel pillow with you. We recommend this inflatable one as you can keep it anywhere.

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essential travel items

During the last years we have been doing lots of long trips and sometimes you don’t really know what to do to kill some time. The only thing that never fails is having ear phones with you so that you can entertain yourself listening to music or watching something. One of the top essential travel items for us.

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power bank essential travel item

Bringing a power bank with you is a life saver. We have had lots of situations where we really needed to have our phone charged to show our flight tickets and the batery died in the last minute. Luckily we had our power bank with us. Otherwise we would have been in a lot of trouble.

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When you are traveling to different places the best way to make sure you are able to charge all your devices is to have this multi country adapter. It also incorporates USB so that you can connect even more devices.

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On the Go Must-Haves

Odorless clothes

organic basic eco friendly products

One of the most important things when traveling is to have good quality clothes, that last. Organic Basics has it all in their products. They’re made with organic cotton, they last and they are the most comfortable underwear and tees I have ever owned. Also, they are odorless which is an amazing feature when traveling. If you would like to get 10% off your next products, introduce the code NOMADSOBC

best backpack

One of the most important travel items is choosing a good backpack. We are quite meticulous choosing the backpack that is going to travel with us for months and there are several features that are important for us. One of our favourite backpack is this 45L travel backpack. Not only is so versatile and durable but also so compact that you can take it as carry-on luggage.  Ah, and it is waterproof!

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travel bottle with filter

Traveling with a filter water bottle not only means saving the planet but also saving lots of money. We always travel with our own water bottle wherever we go, which means we are not consuming tons of plastic but we are reusing our bottle. Be mindful and don’t forget to bring yours with you.

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best trekking shoes

Owning a good pair of trekking shoes can change the whole game in your adventure. We both own these amazing waterproof, lighweigh and breathable Northface Hedgehog trekking shoes and we love them from the first day. They are super comfortable, they leave you with no blisters and they’re resistant for long trekkings.

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microfiber towel travel item

We adore this towel not only because it dries you quickly but also becayse it dries itself quickly, keeps the sand off and it takes very little space in our luggage. Perfect for traveling to beach destinations and to use it as bath towel. 100% recommendable if you want to save space in your luggage.

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travel items money belt

We like to keep our most valuable things together and save when traveling. That is why we keep our money, pasport and phone in our hidden money belt. For us is a matter of security and having everything handy and in the same place.

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daily backpack travel items

Having a good day backpack is an essential item you cannot forget when traveling. We use it to keep everything we need for a day out leaving the rest of our belongings inside the main luggagge.This way we don’t have to undo it everytime we go out to explore.

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essential travel item- pad lock

We always take two locks with us, we normally use one for our lugagge and keep an extra lock in case we need to use it to put our lugagge in a locker. We recommend this one as you can use it for both lugagge ( backpack or suitcase) and also in a locker.

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kindle 8 essential travel item

Imagine having a kindle with the features of a tablet? That is Fire HD 8. Take it with you to read the best ebook titles, watch the last movies, surfing on the web and listen to your favourite songs. Also its small size will let you take it with you anywhere.

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essential travel item- sleeping bag

One of the essential travel items we recommend is a sleeping bag bed liner. It is design to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is recommended to people traveling on budget where accommodation might not be up to the cleaning standars so this can protect you and also people sleeping outdoors. We have personally used it a lot of times, from sleeping buses where the aircon was too cold to hostels where sheets were no specially clean to also, outdoor camping.

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Photography and Video

Fuji X T3 essential travel items

We have used several cameras but for us, the last Fujifilm X-T3 is the best one for both photography and video. One of the highlights of this camera is the impecable quality and its light design.

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Essential travel items

For us it is very important to carry our wide lens for travel photography as it allows us to get a different perspective from the other lenses. This particular one with ultra wide to standard focal lenght capabilities makes it the perfect choice for shooting landscapes with excellent detail from the foreground to the far distance.

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fuji lens 18-55mm

This lense is an important travel item in terms of shooting in different scenarios.  This single versatile zoom offers a maximum aperture of F2.8 and a broad focal length range from 27mm wide angle to 84mm telephoto. That means that you can use this lens in several scenes and take it anywhere thanks to its compact size.

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