In this post you will find out which are the essential travel items you should include in your packing list to make sure you don’t miss anything once you’re on the go.

After traveling for a long long time, we have tested lots of travel items, some of them have worked out pretty well for us, but others are completely dispensable. We only take the essential items as we travel with a 45L backpack and space is limited.

Here, we have included the essential travel items we always take with us, being the ones we have used and therefore the ones we recommend.

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Carry On Travel Items

earplugs essential travel items

Ear plugs are at the top of our essential travel items list. We have used them mostly in every hotel and hostel we have stayed in during our traveling time. You would be surprised by how noisy your neighbours can get and also, the noise coming from outside. The best way to have a good rest without being disturbed.

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packing cubes

Packing cubes have become a essential travel item for us after using them for the first time. You can keep your clothes organised as well as save lots of space with them. A fantastic solution to organise your luggage.

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traveling pillow travel item

Long flights can become a nightmare when you cannot have a nap on your seat. The best way to have a good rest without hurting your neck is getting your travel pillow with you. We recommend this inflatable one as you can keep it anywhere.

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essential travel items

During the last years we have been doing lots of long trips and sometimes you don’t really know what to do to kill some time. The only thing that never fails is having ear phones with you so that you can entertain yourself listening to music or watching something. One of the top essential travel items for us.