Traveling can be expensive, but did you know there are certain ways to travel with no money? We are talking here about amazing and actionable ideas that anybody can do right now.

If you want to know how to travel with no money, then keep reading because we are going to tell you our best 10 tips that could change your way to travel forever.

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10 easy tips for how to travel with no money

1. Crowdfund your trip.

crowdfunding idea

Crowdfunding it’s basically when you get other people to pay for something that you want to do. In other words, is that you present a project, and invite people to fund your project (because is cool, helps society in a way, gives value in some sense, etc.)

There are many platforms and ways to do this.

Maybe the easiest and fastest way to start with is by creating a money pool with Paypal. You just need to log in to your Paypal account, define your goal and how much you want to collect and share your link with the world. You can even post it to your Facebook!

Remember though, people will hardly give you any money at least they are familiar or friends. But, if you put a nice idea together and present it the right way, you will be likely to get more people willing to fund you. Just try to be a good storyteller and tell what you want to do and why you need their support in the more human, creative and compelling way to increase your chances.

You can also try these resources for your crowdfunding:  GoFundMeYouCaring, FundAnything, TrevoltaIndiegogo.

2. Use your skills

Do you see this video here? This is the skill we have used the most to score some free stuff traveling.

We have been doing travel videos for ourselves for years, just for the sake of it and because we enjoy it. We started doing it way sooner than having a blog! Then we realized we could still do that, but we could have some in exchange since we could use it as a service to someone.

We have used this skill in many different ways in exchange for free stuff, and sometimes we have been even paid!

  • We have approach hotels simply with a couple of videos in our phones and told them we could create something fresh for their hotel in exchange for free accommodation. This has worked several times even without having a website or a portfolio before!
  • We have stayed in a hotel, and have scored free activities, by doing promo videos and taking footage we’ll edit later for them.
  • We got paid even for doing a promo video for a restaurant in Nepal. Again, this was just us approaching the owner with a couple of videos in our phones and of course believing in ourselves. Because if you don’t they won’t either.

You just need to find what is that skill you have you can offer in exchange for food or accommodation or something else.

You can also find a job overseas and get paid for it. Lots of people travel the globe teaching English, bartending, working on a ship cruise, teaching yoga, etc… If you have a skill, you can make some money as you go. We’ll talk a bit more about this a bit further down.

In any case, some countries will require a special Visa in order to be eligible to work, so you should always check that out first.

3. Work in a organic farm (WWOOF)

working in a farm, a good way on how to travel with no money

With World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms ( WWOOF), you will have the option of working on a farm with all expenses covered once there. They have a large network of non-profit organizations all over the world that connect you with local farmers. The idea is that you go and work on a farm for the time you previously agree on, and the owners cover your expenses in exchange for your work.

You will need to pay a fee ahead though, for signing up and using the platform. But is yearly and you can cover that expense before you start your trip.

4. Rent out your house

couple renting house

If you own a house, renting it out could easily pay for your travels. Of course, it will depend on where you go, being Asia way cheaper than Europe, meaning that you could live more in comfort in places where you can stretch more your money.

But still, this is a great way to travel for free with something you already have!

The best and easiest platforms to do this are Airbnb and HomeAway.

If you want to try this out, we recommend you rent it before you leave, even if is for a couple of days. The reason behind this is that the world now moves with reviews. You might have an amazing house and really well located, but with no reviews, it might take longer to rent it.

Instead, rent it for a couple of weekends, be the best host ever, and see your 5 stars bring people over! Plus the better your reviews, the easier will be for you to increase a bit the price.

5. House Sitting

house sitting a dog

People with pets, also love to travel. But traveling with a pet, most of the time is painful and expensive.

Now is when you get into the picture via TrustedHouseSitters. The owner of the house needs someone to look after the pet (dog, cat, crocodile, etc) while is away, and you need a house where to stay for free, perfect match!

TrustedHousesitters is a great service and is the one we used the most from this list. Take a look and you’ll see the potential.

There is though a sign-up fee you need to pay to start using the service, but I can guarantee you, you will recover the investment pretty soon!

We have been house sitting and living for free in London for over a month, and another full month in Bangkok! On top of that, we have done a couple here in a there for a few days. Isn’t that awesome?

Not to mention the houses we stayed on were really cool! If you put together all the house sitting we have done before in time and money, it has saved us over $3,000, so not bad at all, huh?

6. Couchsurfing

bonfire couchsurfing

Anybody who wants to know how to travel with no money is likely to be familiar with Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing offers free accommodation to people who are willing to share the stay with the owners of the house. This is a great opportunity for cultural exchange and to live a place like a local with a local. And not only that, the most likely, is that you will leave with a new friend!

There are millions of people using it, so normally you should find somebody to host you. In any case, send a request with plenty of time.

As you can see, this is a great way to travel free and meet people on the way.

7. Be flexible moving around

You might think: how can I travel with no money by being flexible? The easiest answer is, hitchhiking.

This option has been out there since primitive times, and often you won’t need to pay anything.

This is very common in some countries like New Zealand and Australia. In any case, do always your research to make sure which places are safe to do it. We recommend checking some guidelines on this hitchhiker guide

The alternatives, although not free, are blablacar or any transportation by land (is always cheaper than a flight). These are normally the most affordable options.

But if you want a tip to get the best fares for flights, this is how being flexible can get you a great deal. Just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Always use an incognito or private window in your browser. In most of the browsers, you can simply do this by clicking on the “file” tab and selecting this option.
  2. Book the flights on a Tuesday morning. So far, we have seen most of the best deals by booking on Tuesdays mornings.
  3. Avoid traveling during weekends if possible. One day up or down can have a massive price different
  4. Last but not least, be open-minded and you can find amazing deals. Want to know how? Skyscanner made it easy. Click here, and on the fare finder, where it says “from” enter from where you are leaving, and in the “to” field select “everywhere”. Then just simply put your dates and wait for the magic!

8. Check out for free tours

walking tour

Tours might not be your thing or maybe you think it does not have a lot of added value or sense.

We thought that for a while until we tried the first one in Dublin. To be honest, we were delighted with how well prepared the guides are and how the turn history into amazing stories. This is not only good fun, but it will also allow you to know more in-depth the place you are visiting.

In our case, we did it with the Free City Tour, which lists all of the tours you don’t have to pay for around the globe. Take a look and you’ll find you have plenty of good options and is a different way to see a place.

9. Work remotely

remote work

Nowadays, finding a remote job is easier than it used to be. Although this might not be an option for all the sectors, there are certainly big opportunities for most.

This will allow you to work from anywhere, which means, that you do not need to have the money to travel because you will be able to produce as you go. Is the perfect opportunity of working and traveling at the same time.

There are many platforms where to do this, but the ones we know and have tried are Remote Year and Upwork. They are easy to use and they both have plenty of offers. You just need to register with your profile, and can either apply to offers or people can contact you if you have the skills they are looking for.

10. Volunteering 


If you look for how to travel with no money in general, volunteering is the option you’ll find the most.

The truth is, that might one of the easiest to do of all on this list.

WWooff, Helpx, and Workaway are some examples of a long list, and for us, the top options. In these platforms, you’ll be able to find a volunteer job in exchange for free accommodation, and sometimes even free meals.

In our case, we have helped with cleaning in hostels, with social media and photography for some hotels, etc.

There are different categories of Workaway jobs. You can find teaching jobs, farm work, pet care, helping out with promotions and social media, etc.

The best thing about this volunteering is that most of the time you do not require any special skills. On the other hand, and because they are becoming so popular, research at least 3 months ahead your leaving date. This will make it easier for you to find hosts available and not fully booked.

Bonus Tip: Watch for deals

look for sales and deals

We are sure that some of the previous tips can help you to travel with no money. And although this bonus tip might not be to travel free, it can certainly save you some money and time.

So how do you look for the best deals? In our opinion, chasing deals can be a bit of work. So instead of checking every now and then, what we have done is to collect a list with the cheapest travel resources and tools. This way, whenever you need to plan any trip, you will have already the best tools which normally provide the best deals. And what is even better, is all in a single clickable pdf which you can download here for free.


As you can see, it is still possible to travel with no money. Is true that in most cases, you will need to pay to sign up to use some of these services. But you have a whole year ahead to use them, so you don’t need to pay for them (and shouldn’t) the day before your trip. Instead, research what is the tool more according to your travel style and make the most of it.

Do you have any other tips on how to travel with no money? Share them with us!

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Learn the best tips and tricks for how to travel with no money. The best ideas to plan your next vacations much cheaper. #NoMoney #TravelFree #TravelCheap #CheapVacations #BudgetTravel
Check these 10 genius travel tips ideas for how to travel with no money. #traveltips #hacks #budget #money #trips #holidays
Check these 10 brilliant ideas and learn some tips on how to travel the world for free. #nomoney #traveltips #budgettips #travelhacks