Minimalist backpacking is an art that once learned, you’ll embrace and love.

Packing properly is hard, packing light is even harder. But when you do it, you will unlock the full potential of minimalist travel.

Your life on the road, at the airport and at your destination, will simply become much easier and pleasant.

In this post, we are going to show you how to easily become a minimalist backpacker and upgrade your travel experiences. No more extra fees, or struggles on what to pack, what to wear, move around, etc.

minimalist backpacking tips

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How do you travel minimalist?2020-06-07T10:54:47+02:00
  1. Use A Small Backpack.

  2. Take Versatile Items.

  3. Pack Only Must-Have Items

  4. Stick To A Single Color Palette.

  5. Pack For A Maximum Of A Week

  6. Use Packing Cubes

  7. Dress In The Bulkiest Stuff When Traveling

  8. Invest In Good Clothes (Merino Wool)
What is minimalist backpacking?2020-06-06T17:03:20+02:00

Minimalist backpacking is a way of traveling and a mindset, where the traveler only packs what is strictly needed. For a minimalist traveler there are no nice to have, but only must-haves and things that can be used in multiple ways.

The purpose for minimalist travel is to travel light only with the necessary.

How do you pack lighting for backpacking?

Not everybody can be a minimalist packer. In order to succeed, you should be comfortable taking only what is really needed.

Even though we have learned a lot about packing with the years, the truth is that we have always been really light packers. This has always been driven because we love adventures and we spend a lot of time on the outside. Doing some hikes, taking pictures, exploring, etc. So when you think and plan ahead what you want to do, you certainly want to pack efficiently and avoid carrying a lot of weight with you all the time. This is great to commit to what you need to bring with you.

So in order to backpacking lighting, think ahead what kind of trip are you intending to do and pack accordingly. Do not take anything you might need, just what you know you’ll need.

You can see in this post what we packed for a year to travel the world. It was all in a 38L, that is minimalist packing I’d say!

Minimalist Backpacking Tips

#1. Use A Small Backpack.

The truth is, no matter the size of your bag you will end up filling it. So to avoid that, the best thing to do is to use a smaller bag to start with.

Also, you will hardly use the same backpack for a long weekend than if you are traveling for a month. So it is important to plan ahead what are you really going to need. For instance, if you are traveling during winter it is likely you’ll need a bigger backpack since winter clothes are normally bulkier. Although we’ll teach a few tips to minimize this later.

For trips over a week, we use the Peak Design travel backpack 45L  because it compresses from 45L to 35L and complies with carrying on measures.

To choose the right bag for backpacking light, check the best travel backpacks in 2020

#2. Take Versatile Items.

Take only versatile items that you can use during most of your trip.

For example, in a destination where it might be cold, I would bring merino wool underwear pants. I could use these pants not only under my trousers if it gets cold outside, but also can be used as a pajama, eliminating the need of one.

This is even more important with bulky stuff like shoes. Try to pack the more versatile pair of shoes you have for your trip instead of bringing 2 pairs. For instance, if I go to a warm destination, I will bring with me my lighter sneakers so I can use them for exercising, day to day walk, or even at the beach. Whereas if I travel in winter I am most likely to pack just very comfortable hiking shoes.

The trick is to think about what you intend to do in your destination. That way you should be able to select just one item of what you really need.