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Patricia & Sergio | Content Creators

Our brand, Nomads RTW is a curated travel blog with the aim of helping people to have the best travel experiences. We have worked with many travel brands to promote various destinations and products through our innovative approach to create very visual and engaging content.

We go beyond the average influencer in order to help brands reach their maximum potential. Alongside our storytelling, videography, and photography skills, we pride ourselves on being up to date with trends in SEO, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and email marketing. So if you also want to inspire your audience and want to create amazing content, contact us.

Because we tell beautiful travel stories creating the most visual content.

Using our greatest assets — powerful storytelling, captivating photography, and quality videography — we bring your destination, experience, or product to life.

Partner with Nomads RTW and you will increase your brand’s awareness, reach, and reputation.

With backgrounds in SEO, marketing and advertising, we understand the unique travel market and have had success partnering with tourism brands worldwide. Our knowledge of SEO and social media will also ensure your campaign continues to get bigger with time.

Quality, authenticity, and professionalism is at the heart of everything we do, so you can be sure our partnership will be beneficial for everyone involved.

Why Partner With Nomads RTW?

faroe islands itinerary

Our Audience

What Can We Offer

  • Press Trips & Destination Campaigns: Partner with us to promote up-and-coming destinations as we increase awareness through our digital storytelling know-how. We can promote you across Nomads RTW website, email list, and social media followers.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Maximize your brand’s reach through our highly engaged social media followers spread out across multiple channels. Multiple brands have worked with us because of our strong monthly reach and data-driven results.
  • Content Marketing: Make your content stand out by hiring us to create high-quality content to get your brand’s message across. Not only are we experienced storytellers, but we are also knowledgeable in getting your content out there through both organic and paid marketing campaigns.
  • Brand Ambassadorships: We are actively looking for responsible travel brands whose mission and values align with ours as we promote them during our world travels.
  • Product Reviews: Present your product to a fresh set of eyes as we create engaging yet honest reviews of your travel gear.

Some examples of our client work

sunset in the moroccan desert

Sponsored Post for Sahara Majestic Luxury Camp. See here.

Promo video for a new tour by Tribal Xperience. See here.

atlas mountains

Photography and Instagram promotion for Morrocan Travel Tips. See here

For more photography examples, click here